Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

Solar mosquito lamp outdoor killer insects,The installation is convenient, insert the lawn directly, the text is attracted by the violet light of the lamp, fly in touch the power grid, namely electrocuted. Suitable for park gardens, villas.
    Product Details

    The technology converts light energy into electricity and is stored in a built-in rechargeable battery.

    The light source adopts ultra-bright LED.  The light has automatic light sensitive function,  which automatically lights up and recharges during daylight hours,  and automatically lights the lamp at night.

    Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer LampOutdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp


    Automatically open high voltage electrode net and photoelectric lamp to work according to illumination brightness.

    The wavelength of light generated on the mosquitoes and insects hormesis back strong phototaxis,  wave,  color, features and principles of tropism,  determine the wavelength of induced mosquito,  the low temperature plasma generated by discharge phototaxis excited effect of ultraviolet radiation on insects,  lure pests pouncing on lamp light source,  light source configuration high-pressure kill kill pests,  achieve the goal of kill pests.

    Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

    Work for more than 8 hours in full charge of electricity.  Only one meeting can be made on rainy days.  Solar energy needs sunshine!

    Basic parameter


    Single crystal silicon solar panel

    Power of solar panels

    0.14w /4v


    2 5,  1.2v/600mah nickel hydrogen charging battery

    Product specifications


    Number of LED lights


    The structure of the lamp

    2 purple light (mosquito),  1 white light (not to kill mosquitoes),  a white light,  another purple light,  can not be bright at the same time!






    A white box,  16*16*17.6cm,  0.4kg (excluding express packaging)

    Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp   Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

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